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Executive Team

Joe Santoro

Joe Santoro


Joe Santoro is a successful entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a man devoted to his family and his fellow Americans. 

Joe sometimes refers to himself as the proud owner of a PhD of Life. Over the years, he has used his business success to start two foundations. The Santoro Educational Life Skills Foundation (SELF) focuses on helping people become the best they can be. All Children First Foundation is focused on Early Learning.

Over his career, Joe expanded his commercial maintenance business to include commercial real estate development, building construction, and leasing and managing millions of square feet of prime office space.  

Joe, along with the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, also started an education program for building a bridge between business and education, and has worked with schools to help students get a better understanding of the business environment.

His books, You Are Alive 2 Thrive and Win the Biggest Game: LIFE set the blueprint for how he’s approached life and for his hope that all children and their parents are happy with themselves, and they offer a path to become the best they can be.

For people who purchase either of these books and know of organizations who would like to teach these skills to children, Joe will donate books to that organization in their name. For more details see the offer in the book.

Alex Young

Alex Young

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Young joined All Children First Foundation in March, 2018 as CEO after consulting during its development in 2017. He has over 35 years of experience at the chief executive level, leading institutional development and in building partnerships to achieve system change in the nonprofit field. Alex has also provided support and leadership in the creation of several community-based nonprofits. 

A graduate of Kenyon College and the National Planned Giving Institute – College of William and Mary, Alex served as a trainer in leadership giving, major gifts and planned giving for United Way of America and served as a member and Chair of the United Way National President’s Roundtable.

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joe santoro

For us to be a long lasting great civilization we must constantly look to improve. Improvement only comes when we identify what needs to be changed and do something about it.

We need to unite. When we unite, we win. We need to stop complaining and blaming others. We are only as good as our people. All our children are our next great hope. Their character is the foundation for their success and our future.

Just like a building that’s built on a weak foundation will always needs repair, a person’s character that’s built on a weak foundation always needs repair. Why do we always have money for the repair but not the foundation?

For us to truly become a long-lasting civilization we need to act NOW.

I believe most parents want the best for the children. Science and common sense tell us that all children start learning from birth. Eighty-five percent of the brain develops by age five. This is especially true for their health, social and emotional learning and academic skills which are the foundation of their character and their ability to learn and get along with others.

I want to see the government spend our money wisely and invest 3% of our federal budget in our children without raising taxes.

We can do this by providing all children high-quality early learning from birth to age five, as well as supplying support for the parents.

These centers and parent services will be run by the private sector and measured, monitored and rated by a third-party to ensure excellence.

This investment in our children will improve our society and set the example for the rest of the world.

This is truly the Next Great American Achievement.

Please join me in my quest to make this happen.