All Children First Foundation Launches Campaign

With a vision to live in a nation where every child has a strong, confident sense of self and the ability to empathize and connect with others, a nation where all children are healthy and ready to learn, All Children First Foundation seeks to change early learning for kids from birth to age five. Our Vision and Declaration are based on the professional consensus of More Than 1,000 Researchers.

Here’s the All Children First Foundation Declaration:


We the people of the United States, in order to accomplish the
Next Great American Achievement, demand
that OUR government CUT THE WASTE IN SPENDING, use
those funds for early learning and spend OUR money wisely
by investing 3% of the federal budget in our most precious

We are asking the government to invest in high quality preschool and child care for all children from birth to age five. Early learning professionals would also help mothers and fathers learn how to become the best parents they can be by offering high quality at home education support, online learning tools, and center based programs.

These centers would be owned and operated by the private sector, but measured, monitored, and rated by a third party to ensure excellence. This program should focus on social and emotional intelligence, health, and academics. We believe the 3% investment will yield a 5-18% return (ROI). The 3% investment would not be funded by increasing taxes, but by reducing excessive waste, and prioritizing and eliminating some existing programs that do not benefit us as Americans.

Changing how we educate our children, we will start to build the foundation that we need to improve how we think about ourselves, and how we relate to others. This foundation will provide the basis to help ALL CHILDREN become the best they can be, and to become responsible adults.